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The Chicago Chapter of Carats, Inc. was installed in April 1993. Its interest group name was “the Facets.” The Installation Weekend, held at the Knickerbocker Hotel, attracted more that 250 Carats and Carateers from all Carat Chapters. The weekend theme was “Gold Coasting Along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.” This nautical theme was carried out in décor, dress and amenities.


Jacqueline Atkins, Dorothy Avant*, Elizabeth Cotton, Cari Davis, Sondra Few*, Dorothy Florence, Maria Glover (deceased), Lauren Gore, Cerrelda Jones, Charlotte McCaskill, Deveeree Morgan (deceased), Barbara Pinder*, Carol Sagers*, Norma Sanders*, Yonnie Stroger, Gwendolyn West and Rita Wilson (deceased). (* indicates current member)


Current members include 6 charter members and the following: Tracey Alston, Dorothy Avant, Deb Burks, Stephanie Cole, Judith Coleman, Gale Foster Farley, Sondra Few, Tresa Dunbar Garrett, Cheryl Hamilton-Hill, Beatrice Haynes, Paula Branford, Carolyn Kidd-Harper, Willie Legardy, Carolyn Lopez, Antoinette McAllister, Angela McClurkin, Carlotta McCoy, Sherby McCrowey, Linda Murrain, Theresa Patton, Barbara Pinder, Carol Sagers, Norma Sanders, and Gertrude Wooten.

We also have General Members: Dorothy Florence, Charlotte McCaskill, and Gwendolyn West.


The Chicago Chapter has attended each Conclave since its installation and had 100% participation at the New York Conclave in 1995. The Chicago Chapter has had four members to serve as national officers: Carat Sondra Few served as Recording Secretary, as Parliamentarian, as Chief of Protocol and recently served as President August 2010 through July 2012; Carat Deveeree Morgan served as Historian; Carat Barbara Pinder served as 2nd Vice President, Sergeant-at-arms, and Financial Secretary (3 years); Carlotta McCoy served as Financial Secretary. Carat Rita Wilson served as Historian. These Carats and others have served on National Committees and have attended National Board Meetings annually.

The Chicago CARATS Conclave of 2022, themed “Chicago Our Way,” marked a momentous return to in-person gatherings after a hiatus since 2019. The event was held at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk. The decision to go paperless, manage invitations and registration online, and provide text message updates and reminders throughout the weekend, showcased the chapter’s adaptability and dedication to creating a modern and efficient event experience. Beyond the logistics, the conclave celebrated the spirit of Chicago and the camaraderie of the CARATS community, making it a memorable and impactful event for all involved. This innovative and forward-thinking approach will likely continue to shape the future of CARATS gatherings, ensuring that they remain relevant and sustainable in a changing world.

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