National Historical Overview

The CARATS received official incorporation papers in October 1975. The first Conclave of The CARATS, inc. was held during june 1976 at the Hotel Pontchartrain in Detroit, Michigan.

The CARATS Creed of Sisterhood:
“We are CARATS. We pledge to be Charming individuals, Actively involved in our organization and in our communities. We are Responsible women, Appreciative of our heritage. We are Truthful and Sincere in our endeavors. We are CARATS. We believe that our Creed of Sisterhood forges lasting and enduring friendships.”

The CARATS Official Motto:
Originally, it was “Embracing Dimensional Friendships.”
It was revised and currently it is “Carats Have Many Facets.”

The CARATS Official Colors:
Originally, it was Pastel Blue and Yellow.
It was revised and currently it is Blue and Yellow.

The CARATS Official Flower: Yellow Rose

The CARATS Official National Emblem:
Originally, it was The Gold “C” Charm.
Currently, it is a gold chain bracelet with a gold “C” official insignia charm.

The CARATS Official Insignia:
The Dimensional Abstract Gem

The CARATS Official Symbol:
An Engraved Silver Chalice

The Chapters of CARATS, Inc.
New York (installed as Pivots in 1960; CARATS in 1975)
Detroit (installed as Pivots in 1965, CARATS in 1975)
Columbus (installed as Pivots 1967 & 1972, CARATS in 1975)
Atlanta (installed as Pivots in 1971, CARATS in 1975)
Macon (installed as Pivots 1974, CARATS in 1975)
Cleveland (1975)
Baltimore (1976)
Chattanooga (1978)
Philadelphia (1980)
Washington DC (1981)
Miami (1982)
St. Louis (1986)
Chicago (1993)
Chesapeake (1999)
Montgomery (2003)

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